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Craig Bateman MWYC is delighted to announce that he has been appointed as one of the National Ambassadors for Model Westminster. Model Westminster is a social enterprise set up as an educational organisation, which focuses on providing an introduction to the policy-making process for young people. Commenting on his appointment, Craig said "with a 44% election turnout rate at the last general election, it is vitally important that more is being done on both a national and local level to engage more young people in the democratic and social policy making process. Model Westminster is an excellent team of dedicated people who, with first-hand experience of these processes, are passionate about giving young people more oppor-tunities to utilise their skills, talents and interests in order to shape Britain’s future political make-up. I am absolutely delighted that I am now working with this project, and will strive to ensure that young people are placed at the heart of everything it does on both a local and national level. " For more, visit


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